Alimony laws can affect your divorce settlement

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Family Law on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

As we discussed last week on our blog, there might be some alimony changes coming in Florida. Those changes could mean that permanent alimony is a thing of the past. As it stands now, the court can award permanent alimony to some people when they go through a divorce. As time progresses and the laws evolve to meet the newest needs of people in our state, it is vital that anyone who is considering seeking alimony work with someone who is knowledgeable about the current laws.

Alimony is also known as spousal support. This monetary support is awarded to one spouse during a divorce. The other spouse must pay the alimony payments in accordance with the court order. The needs of both parties are considered when a court is trying to determine if alimony should be awarded.

There are several other factors that are currently considered. These include the income of each party and the length of the marriage. The history of the marriage is also considered, as is the age of each spouse. The employability of both spouses, particularly the recipient spouse, is considered.

As you can imagine, people who are undergoing complex divorces or high-asset divorces might have to work through a variety of issues before alimony can be considered. We know how to work through those challenges to help you determine how to proceed. Whether you are seeking alimony or trying to minimize the amount you have to pay, we can help to show your side of the case in the most effective manner possible.