Family law concept: Child support modifications

On behalf of Furr & Cohen, P.A. posted in Family Law on Thursday, November 20, 2014.

Last week, we discussed how we can help you when you need to file an appeal for anything in the family law field. We briefly touched on how some people might need to get child support agreements changed. While it is possible to appeal child support decision, it is also possible to seek a child support modification. That possibility might interest some of our Florida readers.

A child support modification might be ordered for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is because of a significant change in income. A parent who has lost a job or has been dealing with a cut in pay might choose to petition the court for a modification.

Child support modifications can be either temporary or permanent. A temporary order might be granted if a parent has a short-term layoff from work or if the parent has a medical emergency that stops him or her from being able to work. It can also occur if there is a temporary change in child custody, such as if the parent paying child support has the child live with him or her temporarily.

Permanent child support modifications are ordered if the situation that led to the modification isn’t something that will end. A permanent cut in pay, for example, might warrant a permanent child support modification.

Either the payee or the payer of child support can petition the court for a modification. Because the laws provide certain conditions for child support modifications, it is vital for any parent seeking one to learn about these conditions. Working with someone familiar with child support laws in Florida might help parents to learn which laws pertain to their petition.

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