How Is Collaborative Law Different?

In traditional divorce proceedings, one spouse petitions the court against the other. The process appears to be adversary. Each spouse is represented by a lawyer ready to fight on his or her behalf. Similar dynamics exist in child custody dispute cases.

This method of divorce pits formerly committed life partners as legal enemies. Both sides typically incur excessive expenditure of legal fees. Even a “win” for one side likely results in significant losses for both. A family law judge makes life-altering decisions for a couple he or she barely knows.

A Balanced Approach With A Firm Commitment To Collaborate

Collaborative law methods take a more balanced approach, and allow spouses (or parents) to decide their own fate rather than leave it to a judge to do. Specifically, spouses (or parents) agree to four-way meetings involving each party and his or her attorney. During these collaborative meetings, the parties determine together what is a fair asset division or parenting time (time sharing) agreement. If negotiations break down and the spouses or parents cannot reach an agreement, they agree to start over (perhaps through a traditional process) with new attorneys.

Keeping Participants In Charge Of Their Own Outcomes

Collaborative law methods may or may not keep legal fees lower, depending on how much disagreement there is to resolve. Regardless of cost, they promote equity and allow parties to remain in charge. Spouses (or parents) can schedule collaborative law sessions according to their own convenience, not according to a court’s rigid timetables. They can make decisions that take into full account their unique circumstances and considerations. They can keep private discussions out of court records.

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